Optimizing Durability: The Critical Role of UV Printing in AndyQ®'s Screen Protector Manufacturing Process

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AndyQ®'s 26 production processes
In the innovative world of screen protection, AndyQ® leads with its pioneering use of UV printing technology in the manufacturing of high-quality tempered glass for the iPhone. This first step in the production process ensures unmatched durability and clarity, protecting premium German glass throughout subsequent processes like cutting, polishing, and CNC machining.

The Role of UV Printing in Screen Protector Manufacturing

AndyQ®'s 26 production processes

Enhanced Protection During Manufacturing

UV printing at AndyQ® is not just about aesthetics; it serves a protective function. By applying a special ink via UV light, the glass surface is coated with a thin, hard layer that prevents scratches and damage during the intense processes of cutting, polishing, and CNC machining. This protective ink layer ensures that the high-quality glass retains its pristine condition throughout the manufacturing process.

  • High-Quality, Durable Prints

The UV printing process involves curing or drying ink on the glass surface using ultraviolet light. This technique produces prints that are not only high in quality but also exceptionally durable and resistant to fading. The use of UV printing technology ensures that every screen protector offers longevity and performance, safeguarding your device’s screen with unmatched clarity.

  • Precision and Cleanliness in Production

After the initial stages of production, including detailed inspections and ultrasonic cleaning, the UV ink is carefully removed. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the glass surface, ensuring it is free from any residues before moving on to the toughening process. The meticulous attention to detail during these stages highlights AndyQ®'s commitment to quality and precision.

  • Conclusion

AndyQ®'s adoption of UV printing technology in the early stages of screen protector manufacturing sets the foundation for a product that offers superior protection and durability. By integrating this technology, AndyQ® ensures that the premium German glass used in their screen protectors is maintained in perfect condition from the initial production phase to the final product, delivering a clear, durable, and scratch-resistant screen protector to the consumer.

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