How to Identify Genuine AndyQ® iPhone Tempered Glass – Essential Tips

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It’s crucial to keep your iPhone safe with a high-quality screen protector. AndyQ® offers some of the best protection available. Here’s how to confirm the authenticity of AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass and ensure you’re receiving the highest quality product:
Impact resistance at 42 kg edge pressure:
Genuine AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass can withstand up to 42kg of edge pressure, providing unparalleled protection against drops and impacts.
Scrub-resistant and smooth to the touch: AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass is surface-hardened to resist scratches and maintain a silky-smooth surface, enhancing your experience by retaining iPhone's natural touch sensitivity.
Soft-Touch Flexibility: AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass uses unique Q-flex technology to ensure the screen is responsive and comfortable to the touch, providing the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness, unlike traditional hard cover glass.
Bend 90 degrees without cracking: AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass exhibits superior tensile and tensile stress, ensuring flexibility and durability, and can be bent 90 degrees without cracking, setting a new standard for screen protection

AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass edge detail

Ultra-thin, high-definition and high light transmittance: AndyQ® iPhone Tempered Glass uses ultra-thin German glass to ensure your screen protector won't affect clarity or brightness, keeping your display vivid in all lighting conditions .
Unique Edge Cut: The unique gray-black edge color of AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass is not just a design choice, it's the result of advanced ion replacement, replacing sodium and calcium with lithium and potassium. This intricate process gives the glass a unique gray-black refractive facet that differs from typical clear glass, enhancing tactile feel on the finger and seamless integration with iPhone design and functionality.
Super hexagonal purple symbol: throughout the AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass packaging and interior, look for the invisible logo (andyQ) in the upper right corner of the AndyQ® glass. This is a sign of authenticity and quality assurance.
Space Robot IP logo: Each piece of AndyQ® iPhone tempered glass is marked with a unique Space Robot IP, implying that it uses aerospace materials and adheres to the highest quality standards.
When purchasing AndyQ® iPhone Tempered Glass, be sure to verify these unique features. Do not accept substitutes that lack these properties as they may not provide the same level of protection and quality. By choosing genuine AndyQ® tempered glass, you can ensure your iPhone is protected with a product designed for exceptional durability and performance.

Remember, genuine AndyQ® products not only do a great job of protecting your device, but they also feature innovative technology that seamlessly integrates with your iPhone's design and enhances its functionality.

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