Ultimate iPhone Screen Protector: Unveiling AndyQ®'s 26-Step Superior Tempered Glass Crafting

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Material selection: start with the best journey of
AndyQ® tempered film starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Our glass originates from Germany and has a unique composition that enhances its physical and chemical properties. The pull-down process is used in production, eliminating the need for secondary thinning, and key components such as lithium aluminum silicon ensure a high transmittance of 92.7% and a low refractive index of 1.5, improving screen clarity and device thinness.
iPhone tempered glass AndyQ® uses German glass, which has super tensile stress and tensile force, only 0.21-0.23mm

Reinforcement Process: Builds Unparalleled Impact Resistance
Our dual strengthening process involves advanced chemical and thermal treatments that significantly increase the hardness and impact resistance of tempered glass. This proprietary method increases the Vickers hardness to 681, making our products stand out from the competition.

Precision craftsmanship: excellence in every detail
At AndyQ®, precision matters. We use UV printing technology and precision CNC cutting to ensure that each piece of tempered film meets precise dimensions and specifications. Our strict quality control process includes at least five inspections to verify the presence of cracks, burrs, and ensure consistent hardness and perfect adhesion of the AB glue.

Technical advantages: Demonstrate the strength of patented processes
The excellence of our tempered film goes beyond hardness; our advanced coating process also enhances scratch and impact protection, providing a smoother user experience and superior anti-fingerprint performance. Our tempered glass can withstand over 8,000 rubs, outperforming competitor products that typically can only withstand 3,000 rubs.

Conclusion: Setting a new standard in the tempered glass market
The complete 26-step production process makes AndyQ® tempered film stand out in the high-end protection market. Each stage is carefully designed to optimize the user experience, and every detail from raw material selection to final product reflects our commitment to quality and technological innovation.
AndyQ® Production Process
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Discover the powerful technology behind AndyQ® tempered glass and why it represents the pinnacle of screen protection. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles that will dive into each stage of production.



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